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 J. McFarland Tribute 2014 Chardonnay
J. McFarland Tribute
2015 Chardonnay
The J. McFarland Chardonnay is a big, bold California-style wine…a bit smokey, with a touch of butter scotch in the nose. Fermented and aged in French oak, but not overly oaken. The creamy, viscose nature of a cold-region one Chardonnay from the SLH comes out. This is a show stopper, extremely well balances on the palate with a long lingering finish.


 J. McFarland MiraFlora 2014 Chardonnay
J. McFarland MiraFlora
2016 Chardonnay
MiraFlora is a 100% stainless steel fermented and aged SLH Chardonnay. NO OAK at all…with restrained layers of juicy lemon-lime added with a touch of steely minerality in the nose. This wine accentuates the greatness of River Road Vineyard’s 43 year old vines. And is a worthwhile quaffer on its own or served with creamy, rich entrees. A lean focused wine.


 J. McFarland Full Tilt 2014 Unoaked Chardonnay
J. McFarland Full Tilt
2016 Unoaked Chardonnay
FULL TILT is an excellent interpretation of a fine UNOAKED Chardonnay from the SLH. Fermented in neutral French oak barrels, and then aged in stainless steel gives this wine a rounder more viscose feel to the mouth. It is plumper than the MiraFlora and displays a richness and balance between fruit and acid making for a beautifully complex wine. It is a fun wine with light touches of tropical fruit, luscious and easy to drink. Your wine should be like you life, Full Tilt.


J. McFarland Tribute Blanc de Blanc
J. McFarland
Blanc de Blanc

This brut sparkler displays crisp brightness with orange blossom, a hint of lemongrass, and creamy vanilla. It is well balanced with a clean finish on the palate and will enhance any meal or celebration.

J. McFarland 2016 Prismatic wine
Prismatic 2016
White Wine Blend

A delightful bouquet of spring flowers and meyer lemon in each glass. The perfect wine for special gatherings or a warm evening spent stargazing on the patio. Partial proceeds donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

J. McFarland Tribute 2013 Pinot Noir - McFarland Wines
J. McFarland Tribute
2013 Pinot Noir

J. McFarland, River Road Vineyard, SLH Pinot Noir was harvested at 22% Brix, with alcohol at 12.5%, this is a superb example of a Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noir. French oak fermented and aged, it is probably one of the finest burgundy-like Pinot Noris in California; winemaker Jeff Emery doesn’t believe in making jammy Pinot Noirs…but instead produces elegant and refined wines like a true Burgundy. The 2011 and 2012 sold out in a big hurry…so when you see it, buy it!

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